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Hello HELLO!

Welcome to Midwest Dimples and thank you for visiting my little space on the internet.  I had originally started this blog as a creative outlet for all things I’m passionate about: family, style, food, travel, and life hacks that help me balance career and growing family, but I can already see it evolving with each stage of my life.  Such as right now, I’m probably covered in baby vomit and telling my toddler to take deep breaths after a temper tantrum because I’m hustling through mama hood.

I have always loved documenting my families journey through life, whether it’s through home videos (check out my YouTube), pictures (check out my squares in the ‘gram), or stories (birth of this blog). This is a space where I hope to connect with other women no matter where they are in their journey through life.  My goal is to provide resources, inspiration, life hacks, and laughs along the way.

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About Me.

I’m Rachael… yes, I’m from the Midwest and yes, I have dimples (que the slow clap and curtesy laugh please because do you know how hard it is to find a simple name that’s not already claimed???).  However, Midwest Dimples fits me and my little space on the internet perfectly.

MIDWEST:  I was born and raised in northern Minnesota.  I grew up eating steak and potatoes, hunting and fishing, and where my love for family, water, and adventure was stemmed from.   Fast forward though life, my position in medical sales brought me to Chicago, where I lost my accent, traded my outdoor boots for stilettos, and where I fell in love with my childhood ‘Chicago’ friend.

I currently live in Chicago’s suburbs with my friend-turned-husband, Eric, and our two little boys: Jaxin and Parker.  Jaxin is two years old and is an adventurous little fire cracker who is a spitting image of his dad.  They both have the same hair colic, wake up super early, always up for an adventure, and they both stub their toe on everything. Parker was born in May and although he is a stubborn little man (refused bottle for months and still keeps me up at night), he makes up for it in his cuddles and his irresistible smile. I now understand why female gerbils eat their young because I can’t handle the cuteness.  We also have a chubby little min pin, Vixen, who keeps getting more and more curvey by helping me clean the kitchen floors from all of the toddler/baby food.

DIMPLES:  When I smile, you will see my dimples.  I don’t have the most prevalent dimples but they’ve always been a part of me. This blog is my happy place so you can be sure that when I am writing a post or see any comments, my dimples are showing!

Keep in touch!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you follow along, it means so much to me!  You can also check out my Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter!

xoxo, Rachael


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