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Create a love story for your skin!

Saranghae, Skin!

“Saranghae”  means “I love you” in Korean. During pregnancy, I hated my skin.  It seems like there are two types of women’s skin during pregnancy: 1. glowing and radiant (think pregnant Beyoncé cerca de Grammy’s 2017) -OR- 2. hormonal breakouts with brown spots.  I was the latter.  I had acne and chloasma on my face, …

4th of July Traditions

4th of July Family Traditions

Currently I’m packing to head to Minnesota for a MONTH!  I’m on maternity leave and going to take full advantage of our summer by spending some time in northern Minnesota.  You seriously can’t beat northern Minnesota in the summer: lakes, family, boating, hiking, lake life.  We don’t get to see my side of my family …

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Interview with Voyage Chicago

Most inspiring Stories: As a Chicago lifestyle blogger, I was surprised and thrilled to be interviewed for Voyage Chicago’s “Most Inspiring Stories” series.  Voyage Chicago creates an online community where we can find the great people, businesses, organizations, and events that are going on throughout this large and vast city of Chicago.  Reading through some …