4th of July Family Traditions

4th of July Traditions

Currently I’m packing to head to Minnesota for a MONTH!  I’m on maternity leave and going to take full advantage of our summer by spending some time in northern Minnesota.  You seriously can’t beat northern Minnesota in the summer: lakes, family, boating, hiking, lake life.  We don’t get to see my side of my family that much so it’s nice that I’ll have some quality time with them and will have some help with the kiddos.  We spend every 4thof July up north and we have started family traditions that make this holiday extra special to us as a family.   I love parties and I love birthdays… and I especially love good ol’ America’s Birthday! Here are some 4thof July traditions and family traditions that I look forward to every year!

Go to a Parade.

I love the sense of community the parade provides.  Nothing like munching on tootsie rolls while watching the local businesses, bands, and organizations on their floats.  It is going to be extra special this year because my 95-year-old grandpa and my 90-year-old grandma will be in the parade with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans).  My grandpa is a World War II veteran and he walks during the parade so he can hand out candy to the kids.  Jaxin will be so excited to see his great grand parents and may even score some extra candy this year at the parade.

Fill a Bucket of Fresh Strawberries.

This may not be a classic 4thof July tradition, but we do this every year and I look forward to it. In fact, I crave it.  Strawberry season is usually at its prime during the beginning of July.  There are local farms near us that allow you to come and pick strawberries.  We head into the field and pick a bucket worth of plump, fresh strawberries, then head to the restaurant for the best strawberry waffles.  YES PLEASE!

4th of July and Hot Dogs

Fire up the Grill.

Rain or shine, it’s safe to bet that there will be a grill burning in almost every neighborhood across America. The smell of barbeque fills the air that makes any stomach eager for dinner.  I can’t help but crave cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, corn, and angel food cake when I think about 4thof July.  We typically grill all week long but for the past few years we’ve been doing a shrimp boil on 4thof July.  A shrimp boil consists of a big pot to cook shrimp, potatoes, onions, corn, sausage, and seasoning.  I’ll link our recipe soon!  Once everything is cooked, you dump it on it on a newspaper or plastic covered table and eat away.  This is part of the fun.  No plates or silverware necessary and you can dump your condiments right on the table and dip away.  Clean-up is easy as you simply grab the plastic or newspaper and throw it all in the garbage and viola.  Cleanup is done and go back to shooting fireworks or playing bocce ball.  You can’t beat it!

Wear red, white, and blue.

I sometimes look for excuses to dress up in theme and can’t help to make sure my whole family dresses the part.  Maybe it’s just another excuse to shop.  Here are some of my favorites this year.

4th of July outfits

Buy fireworks.

Who can resist blowing things up?  En route to Minnesota, we always hit up a firework stand.  My husband loves to stop in Wisconsin to pick up the “good stuff”.  Fireworks other than sparklers, roman candles, ground flowers, and bottle rockets are illegal in Minnesota, so we may or may notbe getting other sorts.  wink wink. My husband has a theory, the bigger the box, the better. My husband every year, this time of year, becomes a pyromaniac.  He gets so getty and excited to blast off fireworks, I can’t help but get excited with him and watch our mini show at home.

Watch Fireworks.

At dusk our local fire department helps light up the sponsored firework show.  My family hops in a boat with blankets and cocktails in hand, and we cruise to get our front row seats to the show. The fireworks are synchronized with music ranging from “I’m proud to be an American” to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”  It will be interesting this year because last year, our one year old was terrified of the loud noises.  Hopefully, we can get him excited about them this year.

Hope you all enjoy your 4thof July with friends and family.  Let me know what traditions you all have started or what you are looking forward to.  Happy 4th of July and of course, God bless AMERICA!


Xoxo, Rachael

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4th of July outfits

4th of July Traditions

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