Fiesta Themed Toddler and Baby Birthday Party

Parker and Jaxin are 12 days shy of being exactly two years apart and both have their birthdays in May. Which means, the first of many joint birthday parties together!  Here are some details from the Parker turns Uno, Jaxin turns Tres FIESTA birthday party!

Let’s TACO ‘bout a Fiesta on 18th de Mayo!  

Twice the cake, twice the fun

because Jaxin turns 3 and Parker turns 1!

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We hired Jana Blue Photography, (be sure to check out her website HERE) to document the day and she was phenomenal, even helping me out and holding Parker! She caught so many special moments and it was nice to be able to be present at the party. To see our family photo shoot, check out this post here! All of the pictures below are from Jana.


Dinner: My event was catered by Atolitos.  We had fajitas, enchiladas, rice, quesadillas, lime cilantro salad, and chips and guac. You seriously can’t go wrong with Mexican food!

Cake:  I loved how the cactus cupcake cake and the individual smash cakes turned out.  I brought a couple inspiration pictures I found via Pinterest and showed them to Mariano’s (Chicagoland grocery store chain) bakery and cannot believe how well they turned out.  Especially for the price, I think I paid about $25 for the cactus cupcake cake and $10 for the smash cakes!


Apparently, there was a helium shortage and I don’t even want to know what my hubby spent on balloons, but we had a lot. I wanted a couple of the big oversize balloons, plus the oversized foil “1” and “3” balloons. We ordered our balloons from our local Party City and when my hubby went to go pick them up, he came home with triple than what I ordered, plus a huge DIY balloon arch.  This arch was cool, however, we had to blow up each of the balloons and attach them to arch and that took forever (definitely wasn’t something I wanted him doing right before the party)!


We hired Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies (for more info click here). We had so many recommendations to hire him for parties, plus we’ve seen him play at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and I couldn’t recommend enough. He was a one man show: playing guitar, drums, kazoo, singing, and playing special requests! Everyone was entertained by him; dancing, singing, and encouraging everyone to grab an instrument to help play.  The kids loved him and got everybody outside (even though it was still wet from all of the rain!)

We also had a bouncy house that we had purchased from Amazon and the kids could not wait for the rain to stop so they could jump on it. It was only $200 more to purchase one vs. rent so I pulled them trigger and bought one and we have already gotten so much use out of it!

That was our party!  Thanks for reading, I appreciate it so much! xoxo, Rachael

Have you had to do joint birthdays for your kids? Any tips you can share with me or theme ideas for my future joint bday parties? 

Let’s TACO ’bout a Birthday Party!

Fiesta Themed Party Ideas