Guy Gift Guide: Father’s Day, Birthday, or Just Because

Here a couple of items that my man has really loved and I thought I’d share. I know Father’s Day is right around the corner and some of these are Amazon Prime speedy so get to gettin’ if you are looking for some last minute ideas! Please share with me some of your man’s favorites!!

Why they are favorites:

Apple Watch. If your man already doesn’t already have one, my hubby is obsessed with his. It’s currently on sale at Target. (Linked) Otherwise be sure to check out Costco!

Lululemon ABC Pants. They stand for ANTI-BALL-CRUSHING pants. They are nice enough for work and comfortable enough for lounging around. They are pricey but also always the most worn, after hubby’s first pair he has always been asking for more colors. I’ve linked the classic pants, as well as their joggers.

Grill and sauté pan. This has been a favorite of mine and his. It has a removable handle so you can load it with veggies and put it directly on the grill, detach handle and reattach once done so you don’t need an oven mitt or worry about burning your hand. I included some nice grill accessories like a nice grill scrubber we have and tongs that we use ALL the time!

Charging Station. Over 3,000+ Amazon 4.5 star reviews, it’s nice to have everything together in one place without all of the cords.

Birkenstock Men’s Sandals. Over 6,000 Amazon 4.5 star reviews, these slip on sandals are perfect for bumming around the house. My hubby LOVES his and buying him a second pair! I love the classic black but they have a lot of other colors too!

Fitness Stuff. My hubby is a running machine right now. I bought him some new fancy blister resistant, ankle socks and running shorts which have 5,000+ Amazon 4.5 star reviews.

Massager. I’ve linked 2 of them. First is the back and shoulder massager, which has 8,000+ Amazon 4.5 star reviews and it’s pretty, pretty, pretty amazing! I’ve also included a handheld sonic percussion deep tissue massage gun. This thing has 3,700+ Amazon 5 star reviews! My hubby has wanted one of these and these one was the best priced one I could find!

Guy Gift Guide: Father’s Day, Birthday, or Just Because