Influencer’s Best Advice and an Inspire Society Recap

As a blogging newbie, I’m always searching for advice on how to improve, grow, and what the heck to do on anything and everything in this blogging world.  The common theme I hear from other influencers and bloggers to their success is collaboration and importance of building your community.  I keep hearing community over competition because behind this insta’game’ you’d drive yourself crazy if you tried to compare and compete with other influencers.  This led me to trying new things and when I head about the Inspire Society hosting an event in Chicago, I had to jump on board.

“Inspire Society tribe not only aids in each other’s success, but they also build each other up.”  

One of my goals this month is to connect with other bloggers (1. to figure out what the hell I’m doing and 2. meet other like-minded bad ass boss babes who are doing the same hustle in the blogger / influencer world).  Plus, I was about to be going back to work full time after a 5-month maternity leave and the idea of getting a months’ worth of content in a one day photoshoot sounded too good to be true.

First of all, what is Inspire Society?

Inspire Society is described a “an exclusive ultra-glam one-day marathon photo shoot for influencers, bloggers, photographers, glam squads, and businesses to collaborate, network, and build their brands at one of the most picturesque locations in town.” 

The thought of taking pictures was actually very intimidating.  Last time I had a photoshoot like this, it was for my wedding and before that, for my high school senior pictures.  I have never had so many pictures taken of myself.  However, the idea of networking with other bloggers and photographers sounded awesome so I bit the bullet and signed up!  I also was able to convince my blogger friend, Annie, (@manolosandminivans) to do it as well, so that was a double bonus.

@manolosandminivans and I just sitting on the steps of the El. PC: Olivia Kohler

The event took place at the Robey Hotel. The Robey hotel provided us with some of the best backdrops; from the Cabana Club to the Lounge to Café Robey and we had full access to the Robey Hall.  This hotel is super cool as it’s the only skyscraper for miles and is at the crossroads of Wicker Park and Bucktown.  Ground level you get storefronts and neighborhoods.  On the rooftop, you get 180-degree panoramic views, which I would say, one of the best views of the city!

We had full access to the Robey Hall! PC: Jennifer Coffey

Sponsors and Brands.

We were spoiled rotten. We had @stansdonutschicago as well as other snack bars from @gomacro and @one1brands to keep us fueled for the day.  Our swag bag included so many goodies and I loved that they were all natural products, such as Schmidt’s Naturals, BTNCLS, Coola, Mad Hippie, Basd, Oleo, 2nd Kind, and Better Skin Co. to name a few favorites.

(@stansdonutschicago) styled by  @styleandgraceevent
PC: Jennifer Coffey
Our swag bag was stuffed with goodies!
Design Share. PC: Breeze Art Creatives

Designer Share , a service to rent and lend designer apparel and accessories, was also there to let us borrow some of their designer goods!  I borrowed a Chanel bag for a couple of shoots and LOVED it.  Lil Epic Design created a gorgeous paper flower wall backdrop that not only made the room look absolutely gorgeous, but created the best photo opps all day long!

Lil Epic Design PC: Brissa Del Mar
PC: Daniela Sinuela

Working with the photographers.

The whole day was a blur. A photographer would pair up with a blogger and had 15 minutes to go and shoot a couple pictures then go back, change, and do it again.  Plus, I am still a nursing mama, so I had to squeeze in a couple pumping sessions on top of all that.  All of these photographers were amazing and I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend them for any upcoming photoshoots.  Check out their instagrams and websites.  A lot of them do weddings, portraits, fashion, family, and they all made me so comfortable and directed me to get the best pic.  Thank goodness because I needed mega help #imsoawkward!

PC: Elena Cuellar
PC: Jennifer Coffey
PC: Breeze Art Creatives 
PC: Daniela Sinuela
PC: Olivia Kohler
PC: Janet Duszak
PC: Jacqueline Barkley

Here is Chicago’s 2018 Inspire Society Tribe.

PC: Breeze Art Creatives 

(From left to right, top to bottom) Dr. Kiara King (@drkiaraking), Anne Holdren (@manolosandminivans), ME!!! (@midwestdimples), Megan Arzbaecher (@megpies_traverse), Jessica Kovar (@thestylenative), Ashieka Daniels (@zuri_tajriba), Michelle Jones (@styledbymjonesy), Lindzi Shanks (@thetrendysparrow), Danielle Metzler (@daniellemetzler_), Julia Randall (@theblissfulmomma), and last but not least, the two boss babes who put this whole Inspire Society Tribe together, Mandy and Jess.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of our day by Karl Solano (@karlsolan0):

This was such a great day and I am so glad I did it.  I met so many amazing, talented people and I know that I could reach out to any of them if I ever wanted to pick their brain or possibly collaborate again.  We are all cheering each other on and it’s so fun watching everybody grow.  Definitely check out Inspire Society’s website to see if there’s an event near you.  What is the best one advice you have heard from fellow bloggers and/or influencers?

As always, thank you so much for reading and following along!

xoxo, Rachael

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  1. This is such a nice recap and it was such a fun day! I’m already planning to sign up for the next one. Thanks for sharing this post. So nice to meet you that day!!

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