Jaxin’s Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

We just celebrated Jaxin’s 2nd Birthday and I wanted to be sure to have documented his birth story before I become old and start mixing up my kiddo’s names and birthdays, which is already happening.  Jaxin was our first born, hence the millions of pictures and videos we have of him.  Now I have finally compiled all of them in one place which is this blog post.  This is my pregnancy journey and Jaxin’s birth story, including our home videos!

My pregnancy journey.

Here is our family video of my pregnancy journey with Jaxin!  Yes, I literally danced to Salt-N-Peppa’s “Push it” the entire duration of my pregnancy and even up to the point when I was actually pushing…Pregnancy and Maternity Products you'll want and need

VIDEO | My Pregnancy Journey:

Jaxin’s birth story.

It all started on May 26th, 2016.  I was 39 weeks pregnant and I started having contractions in the early afternoon and kept Eric on standby because I wasn’t sure if they were the real deal contractions or Braxton Hicks.  I was going to the bathroom nonstop and to a point where I thought I was peeing my pants.  Oh the glory of being super pregnant!  What I didn’t realize is that my water was slowly leaking and I was losing amniotic fluid. Apparently, it’s very common NOT to have your water break on its own, most of the time the hospital breaks for you.  I called my nurse and she said get to the hospital ASAP because at that point, my contractions were happening 2-4 minutes apart and kicking my butt.Jaxin's Birth Story

Eric rushed home, took a shower, shaved, took a couple selfies, and then rushed to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 6:00PM.  When we rolled into the hospital, we realized we had overpacked.  We had so much baggage that all of the greeters and nurses were all laughing and asking how long we were planning to stay at the hospital.  I was in intense labor pain and all I could tell them is that we packed the recommended checklist.  GRRR!  We didn’t tell them that that wasn’t our only load.  Eric ended up moving his car to a different entrance to bring up load number 2 to avoid having to explain ourselves.  (to read more on why we were the crazy bag people and what to pack in your hospital bag, click HERE).

I was 3 cm dilated and was causing the baby’s heart rate to drop to single digits.  This sent the NICU team to our room on standby, pushing my husband to the corner, and the nurses hooking me up with wires on the inside (yes, inside…) and outside of my body.  The doctor gave me some medication to slow down my contractions in order to bring up the baby’s heart rate.  Thankfully it worked.  At that point, I was 6cm dilated and we were all able to relax.  I was so relaxed that I ended up falling asleep. (THANK YOU EPIDURAL).  Eric on the other hand, wasn’t able to relax and wouldn’t take his eyes off of the baby’s heart rate monitor.

Jaxin's birth story
Eric couldn’t take eyes off of baby’s heart rate monitor

At 3:15AM I was finally at 10 cm and it was time to start pushing.  Our labor and delivery room came with a crowd because there was a classroom of residents.  I was too afraid with all of the commotion to ask the residents to go study another mama in labor but at that point, my dignity was already out the window. Strapped in, with the brightest spotlight shining down on my world, I was ready to start pushing with the crowd of residents cheering me on.  I had pushed for about 25 minutes. When the baby came out, we were anxiously waiting to hear the baby cry and if it was a boy or girl. The doctor said, “it’s a boy” and rushed the baby to the other side of the room.  Our baby boy had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and wasn’t breathing.  My heart dropped and I prayed.  Thankfully, everything and everyone was ok but it was such a scare.  That is how we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Jaxin, into this world.

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin James Martinson

May 27, 2016

3:50 AM

7 lbs. 15 oz


We love you so much sweet baby boy!

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

Jaxin's Birth Story

Video | Jaxin’s first year:

I made a home video of Jaxin’s first year, a lot of firsts caught on camera!

To see my Open Letter to Jaxin for his 2nd birthday, click HERE.

Thanks for reading and watching!

xoxo, Rachael

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