Parker’s Birth Story

I can’t believe that Parker is already 4 weeks old.  I am going to be one of those moms that continues to repeat that I can’t believe how old my kids are, how tall they are, and reminisce of the days when they were little.  It’s already making me sad how fast time has passed but I’m soaking it all in and loving getting to know this little guy.  I finally feel human again.  I am happy that I’ve graduated away from the mesh underwear/ adult diapers to regular underwear and from sweatpants to yoga pants #momuniform.  I forgot how brutal the recovery process was and I think it was worse this time around because I was trying to keep up with our rambunctious toddler.  However, I enjoying all of the smells, cuddles, and baby grunts while I can.

Amazing what a difference 1 week can make! (40 weeks pregnant vs. one week old)

Parker’s Birth Story.

With Parker, I was anticipating another hectic labor and delivery.  (For some background on pregnancy #1, see Jaxin’s Birth Story click HERE).  For this reason, I wanted to get to the hospital ASAP just to make sure our baby was safe.  We were ready.  We had our hospital bag packed (to see what my hospital bag essentials were click HERE), I had been nonstop nesting, and I was at a point in my pregnancy where it was impossible to sleep, and I felt like my belly button was going to ripe open. Weeks prior to my due date I was fortunate to have work off. However, I was in the middle of construction because we were in the process of getting all new windows throughout the house.  This stressed me out because I had no where to go being 9 months pregnant and with a toddler who wanted nothing more than to hammer and drill away with the workers.  I did what I could with my time off.  It was nice to spend some quality time with Jaxin and prep for new baby. We transitioned Jaxin into his big boy room (To see some details of his big boy room, click HERE and to see nursery details, click HERE).  I felt like baby was coming very soon!

Baby time!  Mid contraction selfie.

Baby Time.

Eric kisses me goodbye every single day before work around 4:00 AM (yes, crazy early).  As soon as he kissed me, I had felt a contraction.  I still couldn’t decipher between Braxton hicks and legit contractions but when I had another contraction 30 minutes later, I knew that it was baby time.  When I was timing my contractions, they were intense and about  4 – 6 minutes apart.  I struggled to take a shower and told Eric to get home ASAP.  I quickly got ready and glama-fied myself in between my contractions.  When Eric got home, we had to wake up our toddler, Jaxin, to bring him to daycare.  When Jax woke up, he came and gave me a big hug.  I couldn’t help but get emotional.  He had no idea what was going on, but for me, it was emotional ‘losing’ my first child to my second!  (Check out my Open Letter to my Son, where I pour my heart out to Jaxin HERE). My contractions were kicking my butt and totally knocking the wind out of me.  I was realizing that maybe I spent too much time getting ready and that I needed to be at the hospital like an hour ago.

We dropped Jaxin off at daycare and cruised to the hospital where I was huffing and puffing during contractions.  We got to the hospital a little after 8AM and I was in so much pain, all I could think about was getting the epidural.  I was wheeled into labor and delivery and they told me I was 8cm and my bag was really low.  The anesthesiologist was called in immediately.  During my epidural, I was forehead to forehead with the best nurse in the world who told me to “grab the shirt, not the fat” which helped me get through those final contractions before the epidural started to kick in.

After that, my labor and delivery was surprisingly relaxing.  Completely different from our first experience with Jaxin.  Eric informed the nurses we would prefer not to have any students and it was only the doctor, nurse, Eric, and I in the room at once.  It was great.  We waited for baby to drop a little more and then at 10 AM the doctor said we were ready to go!  At 10:23 AM, we heard a beautiful baby cry, which is all I wanted to hear.  It was a boy! I held our baby, skin on skin, trying to process that this new healthy little miracle is ours.  I was officially a boy mom and this little one will be BFs with Jaxin forever, which makes me so happy.  We’d like to introduce you to Parker Cole Martinson!  We love you so much sweet boy!

Parker Cole Martinson

8 lbs 3 oz


10:23 AM | 5.15.18


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