Jaxin’s Big Boy Room Reveal

This post is long overdue,  these past few months I have been super focused on getting baby Parker to take a bottle (to find out how we did it read this post), now sleep training has begun, and I was finally able to actually clean the BIG BOY ROOM to take a couple Pinterest worthy pictures.  Below is Jaxin’s big boy room reveal!

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When I was pregnant with baby #2, we decided to keep our gender-neutral nursery ‘the nursery’ (see my post on gender neutral nursery) and transition our toddler, Jaxin, into a big boy room.  I was super excited to make a room dedicated to Jaxin.  The biggest question was, do I keep him in a crib OR transition him into a big boy bed?  I debated about this for months while I was pregnant.  I ended up putting our guest bed mattress on the ground, all in intention that he would be transitioning from his nursery crib to the mattress on the ground, however, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted him to stay in his crib.  I didn’t want to disrupt a good thing because Jaxin wasn’t crawling out, it was safer for him to be in his crib, he slept great, and selfishly, I wanted and needed my sleep.  So I decided to purchase a crib!

Big Boy Room Reveal
Big Boy Room Reveal

I ended up keeping the mattress on the ground even though Jaxin sleeps in his crib but we love it.  We read him books before bed and it’s a nice cozy spot to help him unwind before bed.  I also love the fact that if we ever had company over, we have an extra queen in our house if needed.I was super pregnant when I started prepping the big boy room.  I didn’t have a lot of time nor energy and I didn’t want to have to repaint the room.  I kept the room color the same but to make it a little different, I added stripes on the main wall to create an accent wall. I love how it turned out because it added so much character to his room.  Read my post about how to paint stripes on a wall.

I love adding personalized touches to a room.  A cute little store, called the House of Crazi had gifted me these JAXIN letters and I LOVE how they look!   The owner is a cute mama of two and a US veteran.  Definitely check out the store, her products are lightweight (you can stick them to a wall), non toxic, and you have so many styles to choose from.

This guest bedroom had a little nook near the closet where the previous owners had installed wine / coffee station, like what you see in hotel rooms. Although I thought this was a cute little space for a guest room, it wasn’t practical for a big boy room!  We tore out the cabinets and created a little desk space with shelving!  I searched high and low for a desk that would fit in this exact space with the exact measurements!  Thankfully I found this one because we did not add the legs and it fits perfect!  The decorations are a combination of gifts (piggy banks, orange box) and Home Good finds.  The name train was a purchase from a street vender when my husband and I were in Barcelona.

Target had been phasing away with some of the stuffed animal heads that I had purchased and seriously bought most of them for $5.99!  The crib was a another target purchase and was tricky to see if it was at its lowest setting or not, but we ultimately put the mattress on the ground.

We are still waiting for the day we will actually have to transition from crib to big boy bed, but until then, I’m going to enjoy my sleep.  Any tips on transistioning?

As always, thank you for reading!  xoxo, Rachael

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Jaxin’s Big Boy Room Reveal