Things to do in Las Vegas

I recently went to Las Vegas for my company’s National Sales Meeting. It has been over a week and I am still VegAUSTED! (Vegas + Exhausted). I have a man voice and death cough that I can’t seem to shake.  I thought I was going to get caught up on sleep without having to hear baby Parker learning how to sleep train, but I guess the early morning meetings and late nights will do it to you! Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, if you’re looking for some Vegas recommendations, here is what to do in Las Vegas.

All opinions are my own.

Go Hiking at Red Rock.

I was fortunate to have some coworkers that wanted to do this, and they did all of the planning.  We got off plane, rented a car, hit up In-N-Out (they have lettuce wrap burgers), and headed 20 minutes outside of Vegas to Red Rock.  It was such an easy trip to get to! We parked alongside the trail and away we went. The hike was moderate and took about 1-2 hours to hike depending on how fast you hike (and how many pictures you took). We had a blast.  The weather was perfect and the views were amazing, highly recommend!

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Go to the Neon Museum, or NOT.

I came, I saw, and I wouldn’t need to do it again.  It was a $25 Uber ride away from the Venetian and it’s a park of old Vegas signs.  For some reason, I kept getting in trouble here. For example, I was standing in a spot too long, I wasn’t allowed to take pics without my wrist band showing, I wasn’t able to use my tripod to take a pic of myself (narcissists not allowed?), I accidentally touched one of the signs, etc… I was in and out of the museum in about 30 minutes and then took another $25 Uber ride back to my hotel.  I may have enjoyed if I didn’t keep getting in trouble and if I actually took the time to read about the history of each sign.  But regardless, it was cool to see a piece of Vegas history.

What to do in Las Vegas, What to do in Vegas,  Women's clothing, Women's style

I wore my new Mustard Heather Knit off the Shoulder Top that had been gifted to me from Pink Blush.  The material is stretchy and is that super soft, buttery material… I melt in it.  I used to think Pink Blush was only a maternity store, but they have WOMEN’s, baby, and kids clothing as well.  Definitely worth checking out and here is the link to SHOP PINK BLUSH.

What to do in Las Vegas, What to do in Vegas,  Women's clothing, Women's style
What to do in Las Vegas, What to do in Vegas,  Women's clothing, Women's style
What to do in Las Vegas, What to do in Vegas,  Women's clothing, Women's style

Go to a Show.

When in Rome. Or, I should say… when in Vegas, you go to a show!  There are so many to choose from.  We went to Cirque de Soleil’s Beatles Show, a Comedy Show, and we also went to Absinthe.  Absinthe was and is my absolute favorite, you have to go if you are in Vegas! It’s a variety show, with multiple shows, acts, and comedy that will have you peeing your pants, laughing so hard. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who get easily offended because it is very dirty and offensive, but it is absolutely hilarious!

Indulge at the best restaurants.

It’s so hard to choose because you seriously can’t go wrong.  We went out to dinner to Searsuckers, SW Steak, brunch at Hard Rock (they had live music), but most notable was Catch in Aria.  The food, decor, and vibe was AMAZING! You have to get the truffle sashimi and the cauliflower bites.  OMG.  I’m drooling thinking about it.

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Go Ziplining.

My coworkers and I went ziplining in old Las Vegas after eating and drinking all night.  #teambuilding at its finest! I loved the spontaneity of our decision because we all had a blast.

What to do in Las Vegas, What to do in Vegas,  Women's clothing, Women's style, zip lining in Vegas

That was my Las Vegas trip and a couple of highlights.  Looking back at my post, it looks like we weren’t working at all but we had meetings all day long so now I can understand why my man voice and death cough are still with me. What are your favorite things to do in Las Vegas?

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my little space on the internet and reading my post.

Xoxo, Rachael