Maternity and Pregnancy stuff you’ll want or need!

Maternity and Pregnancy Stuff you'll want and need

It seems like as soon as you take your pregnancy test and see that “+” sign, you’ll get inundated with pregnancy pop up ads.  I take a lot of advice from my girlfriends and reviews.  I also can’t justify spending a lot of money on products that I only wear for a year, so all of this has been taken into consideration.  Now that I’m entering the final stage of my second pregnancy, I’ve rounded up a list of maternity and pregnancy essentials you’ll want or need!

Disclosure:  Nothing in this post is sponsored, these are just some of my favorite products and recommendations.  Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Pregnancy and Maternity Must Haves

Body Oil.  I love this stuff.  I’ve used several different types of lotions, creams, and sometimes combination of both. However, with both of my pregnancies, I always go back to Bio Oil!  I seriously lather this on my stomach, butt, thighs, anywhere I feel itchy or that I think is at risk of stretch marks.  When I say lather, I may as well be a human slip and slide.  Love this stuff so much!  Stretch marks are mainly hereditary so sometimes you can’t avoid them, but this could also help.  It’s recommended to use at the start of your second trimester, twice daily and post pregnancy and leaves your belly feeling so soft.

Leggings.  I’ve bought cheap black leggings and expensive leggings.  The fact you will probably wear leggings pre and post baby 90% of your time (maybe this is just me) it is worth the splurge to invest in a quality pair.  I am obsessed with Lululemon’s Align Pant II 25”.  Yes, they are expensive ($98) but the fact a pair of maternity pants cost pretty much the same price, it seems like a no brainer because you can wear these babies post pregnancy.  I’ve worn them during both pregnancies and they have not stretched out.  They are so light and comfortable and if you bend over, you won’t be showing your world because they are not see-through.  I can’t link these pants but now you know and know where to find them!

Maternity Jeans.  You need a good pair of maternity jeans and these will last you awhile.  I’ve linked my favorites below.  I also got a pair of black pants and a pair white pants and wore them on repeat.  I find myself loving the under the bump during the early stages of pregnancy and post pregnancy, but I like the over the bump jeans in my third trimester because it feels like it helps my stomach not stretch out as much. I’ve linked a selection of both!

Comfortable walking shoes.  I’m a heels girl.  When my ankles transition into cankle status, I feel like wearing heels makes them appear ‘thinner.’  However, you have to listen to your body and it’s not worth the pain.   I’ve learned the hard way and my poor feet would ache days after trying to tough it out and looking cute.  So, I’ve invested in some cute lil kicks that make me feel cute and are comfortable.

Pajamas.  Pre-baby, post baby… you’ll want a cute pajama set.  I love the button-down sets because they are nursing friendly and you can wear them post pregnancy.  If you have a long torso, you might want to grab a pair of maternity pajamas, so your belly doesn’t pop out third trimester.  These are all soft, cute, and wash nice.

Underwear.  Sounds weird to add this but I wear thongs all day with my leggings and it is so nice to go home and get into comfy clothes which includes this underwear. These are great for post pregnancy and are much nicer than the diapers you come out of the hospital wearing. The laser cut makes them soft and comfortable.

Slippers.  You’ll want some for the hospital anyways, but part of my ‘get into comfy clothes ASAP’ after work includes these slippers.  I have multiple pairs for different occasions.  I was pregnant with both of my babies during the winter but find myself wearing these cozy boots and slippers even on the warm days.  The slip-ons are very nice to pack in your hospital bag as well.  I love them and use them all.

Skin care.  Pregnancy usually comes with two routes, either you are glowing, hair is full, and your skin is amazing, or you are losing your hair and breaking out like a teenager.  The first pregnancy, I had really bad acne, however, this has not been the case with my second pregnancy.  That being said, not sure if my skin has improved because every pregnancy is different or if I’m actually preventing the hormonal breakouts.  I use a clarasonic 1-2 times a week.  Every morning, I wash my face with either Vasanti BrightenUp (it has micro-crystals in it which mimic a microdermabrasion) or tea tree face wash.  Then I use a vitamin C serum during the day.  At night, I remove all of my makeup, combination of washing with face wash and using make up remover cloths, then I use tea tree wipes to remove any excess oil and makeup that I may have missed.  I also use a night cream which one of my girlfriends had introduced me to and I love it!

Pregnancy Apps.  There are two apps that I use regularly: Baby Pics and What to Expect.

Baby Pics App. This app is great for documenting your pregnancy journey.  Take a picture of yourself, add adorable artwork and text to mark the milestones.  These pictures have been a great way to record special moments and a fun way to share to friends and family.  I have put a few of these pregnancy pictures in our baby book. It’s a cute way to document your pregnancy.Pregnancy and Maternity Products you'll want and needWhat to Expect App. Pregnancy and baby tracker.  First pregnancy, I’d be able to say, “I’m exactly 11 weeks, 3 days pregnant and baby is the size of a lime.”  However, my  second pregnancy, I had to pull up this app to figure out how far along I was.  This app bases growth on your due date. You’ll receive personalized updates on your baby’s development, expert tips, helpful articles and the latest parenting news.  I flip through this on a weekly basis and always fascinated what’s going on in the inside.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts or if I’ve missed anything!

Xoxo, Rachael

Maternity and Pregnancy Stuff you'll want and need

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